Maia Mitchell – “Teen Beach Movie” Premiere in Australia


Maia Mitchell - “Teen Beach Movie” Premiere in Australia (5)

The 19-year-old Aussie actress chatted about her American accent and TBM audition.

On never losing her Australian accent: “My mum would totally kill me if I had an American accent! So I’m working really hard to keep my Australian one!”

On her audition for Teen Beach Movie: “I was moving to Sydney to start my independent life and pursue acting. I’d just made the decision not to move to America, ironically. The day I moved, my management in America sent through the script for Teen Beach Movie. They really wanted me to audition. I said ‘No, I’m moving right now!’ but they convinced me. Then I had to keep sending tapes of myself off to LA and eventually it turned into Skype sessions, which were really awkward because of the time delay. We’d have these technical mishaps and I would be in my living room, screaming at Hollywood producers, ‘Can you hear me?!’ For the final round of auditions, they flew me to America and I went on my own and it was my first kind of adult trip. I literally got off the plane and went straight to the audition. I was so delirious and jetlagged, I didn’t even remember auditioning – so I was very surprised when I got the part!”


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